Whistleblower Retaliation

Ready to blow the whistle on corruption in the workplace? Do these things first

You always considered yourself to be an honest, upstanding person who made the right choices in difficult situations. But lately, you find yourself confronting some issues at work that makes you question that self-assessment. What’s going on isn’t right —...

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What are your rights as a whistleblower?

As a whistleblower you have some significant rights that can help protect you and your job. As a whistleblower, for example, you may not be retaliated against by your employer. Why? You had the courage to say and do the...

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Our top priority is fighting for California employees who have been wronged by discrimination

Employees are reporting mistreatment more often than ever while employers struggle to make their workplaces accessible, fair and friendly. Unfortunately, wrongs still happen. Workers continue to be mistreated in the workplace. As you can see, ending harassment and discrimination at work does...

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