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Alan Romero representing Whistleblower in alleged L.A. County Sheriff’s Department ‘ghost car’ patrol scam

Full article in the L.A. Times. Link

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Comments about your hair may be racial discrimination

Racial discrimination can take many forms at work. While some are blatant, most people know that specific comments or actions could land them in severe trouble. Therefore, much racial discrimination takes a more subtle form. It could be due to...

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California employees are protected from harassment

If you are an employee in California, you should be aware that California laws are some of the most protective in the country when it comes to employees. This means that you should feel confident and secure when standing up...

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Sexual harassment flourishes in the service industry

People in the service industry know that there’s a major focus on keeping the customers happy. While most people respect that fact, some exploit it. Those individuals might mistreat the workers who take care of them. In some cases, this...

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