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At Romero Law, APC, our Altadena employment law attorneys stand out for our unwavering belief that each of the over 43,000 people who call this city home deserves to be treated with dignity and respect in their California workplaces.

No matter where you work, you are legally entitled to a safe working environment, free from discrimination and harassment, and a fair wage, at least rising to the minimum wage for hourly workers.

When your workplace rights are violated, our Los Angeles County employment law attorney wants to help you understand the legal remedies available under local, state, and federal laws so you can seek justice for your employer’s unlawful actions — or, in some cases, inaction.

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Employment Law in Altadena

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At Romero Law, APC, our Altadena employment law attorneys protect clients’ rights throughout California and take the necessary legal steps to hold their employers liable for their unlawful treatment.

For over a decade, our employment law firm in Los Angeles County has produced unmatched results for our clients because we care about what we do and the people we represent. We take complex cases no one else will and turn them into success stories.

Our skilled employment law attorneys in Altadena, California, represent employees who have suffered workplace injustices in the following practice areas:

Our committed Altadena employment lawyers stand ready to fight hard to help you obtain justice for the wrongs you have suffered. We will explain each legal avenue available for your case during a free consultation. Call us now to learn more.

What Types of Employers Support the Economy in Altadena, California?

The economy of Altadena, California, employs approximately 21,000 people, most of whom work in management occupations.

The largest industries include:

  • Health Care & Social Assistance.
  • Educational Services.
  • Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services.

California has stringent criteria for determining whether employees are exempt or non-exempt from overtime pay requirements and other wage and hour regulations. Managers must ensure that employees in management positions meet the criteria for exempt status under California law, including meeting salary thresholds and performing exempt duties.

Exempt employees are not subject to overtime pay for hours worked. To meet this initial exemption test requirement, an employee must earn at least two times the state’s minimum wage for full-time work. As of January 1, 2024, California employees must earn an annual salary of at least $66,560.

In addition, the California Fair Pay Act prohibits wage discrimination based on gender, race, or ethnicity for substantially similar work. Managers must ensure employees’ pay equity and fair treatment regardless of gender, race, or nationality.

When these or other employment laws are violated, our dedicated Altadena attorneys, starting with a free consultation, help you understand your legal rights and options for holding your employer accountable.

What Employment Rights Do Non-Management Employees Have in Altadena, California?

Non-management employees in Altadena are entitled to the same protections — including job-protected leave under the California Family Rights Act (CFRA) and the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) — as managers, and more based on their non-salaried pay structures.

That includes:

  • Minimum Wage

Non-management employees are entitled to at least the minimum wage set by California law, which is higher than the federal minimum wage. Effective January 1, 2024, the minimum wage in California is $16.00/hour for all employers, although some cities and counties have higher minimum wages than the state’s rate.

  • Overtime Pay

Non-management employees are entitled to overtime pay at one and a half times their regular pay rate for hours worked beyond eight in a workday or 40 in a workweek. They are entitled to double-time pay for hours worked beyond 12 in a workday.

  • Meal and Rest Breaks

Non-management employees are entitled to meal and rest breaks based on the hours worked. They are entitled to a 30-minute unpaid meal break for every five hours worked and a 10-minute paid rest break for every four hours.

  • Paid Sick Leave

California’s paid sick leave law has been expanded starting January 1, 2024. Employers must allow workers to use at least 40 hours or five days of paid sick leave per year, an increase from the previous requirement of 24 hours or three days.

Like management employees, non-management employees are protected from discrimination and harassment in employment based on protected characteristics such as race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, and pregnancy status.

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