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The Official, Legal Goodbye to Non-Compete Agreements in California

At Romero Law, our trusted employment law attorneys in California know the prohibition of non-compete agreements is not new news. However, Senate Bill 699 (SB 699), signed into law by Governor Newsom on September 1, 2023, bolsters California’s prohibition of non-compete agreements in...

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What Employees Need to Know About California’s 2023 Legislative Session

At Romero Law, our trusted California employment law attorneys know that with each close of the state’s legislative session comes legal changes that impact employees’ legal rights, typically starting with the new year. California’s 2023 legislative session ended on October 14, 2023,...

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What Documentation Do I Need to Support a California Wage and Hour Claim?

At Romero Law, APC, our trusted employment law attorneys in Pasadena know that salaried California employees have a distinct advantage in keeping track of hours worked and paycheck deductions over hourly workers. Also called exempt employees, salaried workers are not required to clock...

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‘Organized Crime’ in Pasadena Police Department?

A lawsuit alleging ‘gang’ activity, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and fraud involving public funds has been filed against PPD. The Pasadena Police Department (PPD) is investigating a lawsuit filed by a lieutenant against the city and another Pasadena Police Department lieutenant....

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Online Story About Police Lieutenant’s Lawsuit Prompts City Response

An online story Saturday about a lawsuit filed by a Pasadena police lieutenant against the City and another lieutenant prompted a response from the City. “The City of Pasadena is aware of the allegations Lt. De Sylva has raised in...

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How Can an Employee Handbook Protect Your California Employment Rights?

At Romero Law, APC,  our trusted employment law attorneys in Pasadena know that California employers are not required to provide employee handbooks. However, employee handbooks are considered best practice for several reasons, including primary communication of required employee notices. They are the most...

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