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Properly Following Employment Law Procedures is Essential For a Successful Claim

At Romero Law, our skilled Pasadena employment law attorneys have a lengthy and successful record of securing positive results for California employees, inside and outside of the courtroom. We are true advocates for employees and whistleblowers, and pride ourselves in taking complicated...

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Southern California Minimum Wage Rate Increases Effective July 1, 2022

At Romero Law, our experienced Pasadena employment law attorneys know that beyond the annual statewide minimum wage increases in California, local municipalities also have the latitude to raise their wage and hour laws at an increased amount and rate, separate from...

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New Training Required for All California Servers & Managers This Summer

At Romero Law, our experienced Pasadena employment law attorneys know that the ever-changing laws in California can make it difficult for both employees and their employers to keep up. Recently the California Code of Regulations that applies to the hospitality industry in California...

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Important Steps to Take Before Filing a Workplace Discrimination Lawsuit in California

At Romero Law, our experienced Pasadena employment law attorneys know that California workplace discrimination comes in many forms. Whether it is racial discrimination, disability discrimination, or based on someone’s gender or age, it is all illegal. Unfortunately, that does not mean...

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Can My California Employer Demand Proof for Reasonable Accommodations?

At Romero Law, APC, our experienced Pasadena disability discrimination attorneys know in many cases, it is completely legal for California employers to ask an employee for proof of their disability before granting a request for reasonable accommodations. In some cases, however. It is...

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What are the Penalties for Misclassifying Employees in California?

At Romero Law, APC, our experienced Pasadena employment law attorneys know that not all California employers who misclassify employees do so intentionally. Sometimes, it is an oversight that occurs from the employer’s misunderstanding of the law. Whether intentional or accidental, employee misclassification is illegal...

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