‘Organized Crime’ in Pasadena Police Department?

A lawsuit alleging ‘gang’ activity, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and fraud involving public funds has been filed against PPD. The Pasadena Police Department (PPD) is investigating a lawsuit filed by a lieutenant against the city and another Pasadena Police Department lieutenant....

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Online Story About Police Lieutenant’s Lawsuit Prompts City Response

An online story Saturday about a lawsuit filed by a Pasadena police lieutenant against the City and another lieutenant prompted a response from the City. “The City of Pasadena is aware of the allegations Lt. De Sylva has raised in...

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The Deadline for California Employer Pay Data Reporting is May 10, 2023

At Romero Law, our California employment law attorneys know all private California employers with 100 or more employees — with at least one employee in California — are required by law to report pay and demographic data to the California Civil Rights Department (CRD)....

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California Job Applicants and Employees Share the Same Workers’ Rights

Our California employment law attorneys at Romero Law know there are multiple questions that employers may not ask applicants during the interview process. However, as more California workers pursue their rights to switch jobs, and apply for new employment positions, they may...

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The Los Angeles Fair Work Week Ordinance Begins April 1, 2023

Last winter, our California employment law attorneys at Romero Law discussed how the Los Angeles City Council unanimously passed the Fair Work Week Ordinance, which imposes significant legal requirements on retail employers throughout the city. Fast forward to Spring, and the ordinance...

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U.S. Federal Court Rules Paid Time Off is Not Part of Workers’ Salary

At the Romero Law Firm, our experienced Pasadena employment law attorneys know that wage and hour violations can occur in any California industry. When they do, our law firm tirelessly represents our clients to ensure their rights are protected and enforced from the start...

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