The Deadline for California Employer Pay Data Reporting is May 10, 2023

At Romero Law, APC our California employment law attorneys know all private California employers with 100 or more employees — with at least one employee in California — are required by law to report pay and demographic data to the California Civil Rights Department (CRD).

Currently, the deadline for California pay data reporting is May 10, 2023, for the 2022 reporting year.

Here is what both employers and employees need to know about the upcoming deadline.

The California Employer Pay Data Reporting Requirements Have Expanded

In addition to the initial reporting requirements, California Senate Bill 1162 enhanced California’s reporting requirements, adding that:

  • Private employers with 100 or more workers hired through labor contractors in the prior calendar year must file a separate “Labor Contractor Employee Report.”
  • Employers must calculate and report the mean and median hourly rate of their payroll employees and/or labor contractor employees, by establishment, pay band, job category, race/ethnicity, and sex.
  • Allows CRD to obtain a monetary penalty against employers and labor contractors for failing to report the necessary data that equals:
  • $100 per employee against an employer who fails to file a required report.
  • $200 per employee for a subsequent failure to report.

As California’s employer reporting requirements continue to evolve, we will keep a sharp eye on what these laws mean to employees throughout the state, so we can continue to protect their employment rights for years to come.

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