Filing an OSHA whistleblower claim

The Occupational Safety and Health Act makes it unlawful for employers to take retaliatory action against employees who report unhealthy or unsafe conditions in the workplace. Workers wishing to report retaliation in violation of this or other whistle blow laws...

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You blew the whistle! Now you must learn to spot retaliation

Making the difficult decision to blow the whistle on corruption in your Los Angeles workplace took a lot of guts. Now that you have fulfilled your duty, you may have concerns about what happens at work in the wake of...

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How NHTSA is stepping up its whistleblower program

We all know that vehicle safety issues can affect those who drive an unsafe vehicle as well as anyone sharing the road with them. Vehicle safety issues can range from a defective part in a car that a manufacturer hasn’t...

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Ready to blow the whistle on corruption in the workplace? Do these things first

You always considered yourself to be an honest, upstanding person who made the right choices in difficult situations. But lately, you find yourself confronting some issues at work that makes you question that self-assessment. What’s going on isn’t right —...

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What are your rights as a whistleblower?

As a whistleblower you have some significant rights that can help protect you and your job. As a whistleblower, for example, you may not be retaliated against by your employer. Why? You had the courage to say and do the...

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