You blew the whistle! Now you must learn to spot retaliation

Making the difficult decision to blow the whistle on corruption in your Los Angeles workplace took a lot of guts. Now that you have fulfilled your duty, you may have concerns about what happens at work in the wake of your whistleblower activities.

Whistleblower retaliation is a top concern for those who have taken a stand against corruption. However, some retaliation can be so subtle that whistleblowers remain unsure if retaliation is truly happening. In this post, we will discuss some examples of whistleblower retaliation to help you keep your job and remain free of retaliation.

This is what some retaliation may look like in the workplace

The first thing we want you to know is that your employer may not fire you for blowing the whistle. As the most classic example of retaliation, the termination of whistleblowers for speaking out is 100% illegal in California. Other illegal examples of whistleblower retaliation include the following.

  • Harassing you or allowing others to harass you
  • Passing you over for a deserved promotion
  • Cutting your pay rate or taking other benefits away
  • Demoting you to a lower position
  • Giving you undeserved negative work evaluations

Our state has some of the strongest whistleblower retaliation laws in the nation. What this means is that your employers risk much if they retaliate against you or allow retaliation to occur. For example, if your employer violates the state’s whistleblower laws, you may qualify for financial compensation for the harm you have suffered.

Whether you have determined that retaliation is occurring or simply suspect something is wrong, it is vital to pursue the matter with experienced legal guidance.

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