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At Romero Law, APC, our racial discrimination lawyers in Pasadena, California see each of our clients as more than an employee in distress. We view our clients as human beings who deserve more, and will help ensure their voices are heard, and that each liable party is held accountable for their illegal and insensitive misconduct.

For over a decade, our skilled racial discrimination attorneys in Los Angeles County have produced unmatched results for our clients by connecting with them to fully understand how their employment conditions have impacted their personal and professional lives, so we can customize their legal solutions to produce real results they can count on.

We care about what we do and the people we represent, which is why we not only take complex cases no one else will, we turn them into success stories.

Law for a Racial Discrimination

If you would like to understand more about your legal rights and options to hold your employer accountable for racial discrimination, contact our skilled Pasadena employment law attorneys today to schedule a free consultation.

How Does the Law Define Racial Discrimination in California Workplaces?

Racial discrimination is defined by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as treating someone unfavorably because they are of a certain race or because of personal characteristics associated with race, including skin color, facial features, or hair texture.

And although this abhorrent behavior is prohibited by both state and federal laws in all California workplaces, racial discrimination can exist in any industry, business sector, and employment level, including:

  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Job assignments
  • Pay
  • Fringe benefits
  • Promotions and bonuses
  • Layoffs
  • Termination

Contact our skilled employment law attorneys in Pasadena if you suffered from racial discrimination in the workplace, so we can begin investigated your claim to pursue the best financial outcome available for your unique case today.

Our Pasadena Employment Law Attorneys Also Focus on the Following Practice Areas:

What Legal Remedies Can I Pursue During a Racial Discrimination in the Workplace Case?

At Romero Law, our experienced employment law attorneys in Pasadena know that employees feel a great deal of disrespect, disappointment, and humiliation when they are subjected to racial discrimination in the workplace.

To help our clients regain the respect they deserve from their coworkers and employers, we will pursue the best legal remedy for their unique cases, which may include:

  • Past and Future Lost Earnings
  • Out-of-Pocket Expenses
  • Damages for Emotional Distress
  • Punitive Damages
  • Attorney’s Fees and Court Costs
  • Hiring / Reinstatement
  • Promotion
  • Policy Changes
  • Training Requirements

Racial discrimination can cause significant stress and anger and may interrupt our client’s ability to do their job properly, which is why it should never be ignored for the sake of a paycheck.

Contact our skilled racial discrimination attorneys in Pasadena today to learn how we can help you pursue justice, so you can move forward with confidence.

Dedicated Pasadena Racial Discrimination Attorneys Fighting for Your Rights

At Romero Law, our Pasadena racial discrimination attorneys take a hands-on approach to pursuing actual results our clients can count on, because we are more than just their lawyer, but their advocate.

We connect with our clients to understand the grief and despair their employers have caused them personally and professionally, so we can remedy the unlawful and degrading mistreatment they have endured, so they can confidently move past this challenging time with a clear win.

Our bilingual law firm staff offers services in both English and Spanish and is available now to discuss your case during a free consultation by calling 626-396-9900 or contacting us online.

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