Online Story About Police Lieutenant’s Lawsuit Prompts City Response

An online story Saturday about a lawsuit filed by a Pasadena police lieutenant against the City and another lieutenant prompted a response from the City.

“The City of Pasadena is aware of the allegations Lt. De Sylva has raised in his employment lawsuit relating to Traffic Section citations and officer time records. Similar allegations were raised by Lt. De Sylva in 2022. Those allegations were investigated by an independent third party and were not sustained,” Pasadena’s Public Information Officer Lisa Derderian said.

“Chief of Police Eugene Harris stated earlier this month that, at his request, the allegations in Lt. De Sylva’s current employment lawsuit would also be reviewed by an independent third party.”

“The City will respond to these allegations in a court of law at the appropriate time, but due to the confidentiality of police officer personnel matters as well as the pending employment litigation, the City cannot comment further on these matters at this time,” Derderian said.


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