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At Romero Law, APC, our employment law attorneys in South Pasadena, California provide our over 25,600 residents with the experience and skill they need to confront their employers when they have been impacted by discrimination, harassment, wage and hour disputes, unsafe work environments,  misclassification.

Our Los Angeles County employment law attorneys see each of our clients as human beings who deserve more, and will help ensure their voices are heard, and that each liable party is held accountable for their illegal and insensitive misconduct.

If you would like to understand more about your legal rights and options to hold your employer accountable for their workplace violations, contact our skilled Pasadena employment law attorneys today to schedule a free consultation.

Romero Law South Pasadena, California Employment Law Attorneys Practice Areas

At Romero Law, our South Pasadena employment law attorneys have represented clients throughout California for more than ten years and focus on providing unmatched results for our clients because we care about what we do and the people we represent, which is why we not only take complex cases no one else will, we turn them into success stories.

Our South Pasadena, California employment law firm represent employees who have suffered workplace injustices in the following practice areas:

Our committed South Pasadena employment lawyers stand ready to fight hard to help you obtain justice for the wrongs you have suffered.

How Will I Know if My California Employer is Violating the Fair Employment and Housing Act?

All public and private employers, labor organizations, and employment agencies that employ five or more employees must provide legal protections for their workforces under the Fair Employment and Housing Act, or FEHA.

Designed to empower workers, FEHA promotes diversity, inclusion, and equality, so employees can safely and comfortably complete their workloads, day in and day out, under assured legal protections.

The FEHA protects employees against discrimination, including applicants or current workforce members who fall under any of its covered categories, which includes:

  • Age (40 and over)
  • Ancestry and National Origin
  • Gender Identity and Gender Expression
  • Genetic Information
  • Marital Status
  • Medical Conditions
  • Mental and Physical Disability
  • Military or Veteran Status
  • Race and Color
  • Religion and Creed
  • Sex or Gender, including Pregnancy, Childbirth, Breastfeeding or Related Medical Conditions
  • Sexual Orientation

If you or another employee has suffered from discrimination in the workplace or were retaliated against for speaking up about these injustices, contact our skilled employment law attorneys in South Pasadena, California today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your rights and how we can help enforce them.

Does the Fair Employment and Housing Act Protect California Workers from Harassment?

No matter where you work, or how many employees work at the company alongside you, FEHA prohibits harassment in all California workplaces

Based on the previously listed protected categories harassment is forbidden against:

  • Applicants
  • Contractors
  • Employees
  • Unpaid Interns
  • Volunteers

If you have suffered from any type of discrimination or harassment in the workplace, contact our skilled employment law attorneys in South Pasadena today to schedule a free consultation and learn how we will provide a customized legal approach to pursuing your unique case for success.

Can I Pursue Compensation From My Employer for Violating FEHA Laws?

Our experienced employment law attorneys in South Pasadena at Romero Law suffer more than unlawful treatment when they are discriminated against or harassed in the workplace. Their self-esteem, self-respect, and dignity suffer an injurious blow when subjected to these humiliating and hurtful circumstances.

That is why we are here. To pursue justice for our clients, righting the wrong.

We will pursue the best legal remedy for each of our South Pasadena clients, which may include:

  • Past and Future Lost Earnings
  • Out-of-Pocket Expenses
  • Damages for Emotional Distress
  • Punitive Damages
  • Attorney’s Fees and Court Costs
  • Hiring / Reinstatement
  • Promotion
  • Policy Changes
  • Training Requirements
  • Reasonable Accommodation(s)

Each person our employment law firm in California represents is unique, and so is our approach to pursuing results on their behalf. Contact us today to learn how we can help you pursue justice, so you can move forward with confidence.

What are the Largest Employers in South Pasadena, California?

No matter who you work for in South Pasadena or elsewhere in California, your rights as an employee are protected by both state and federal laws.

That includes when working at South Pasadena’s largest employers:

If you are being subjected to harassment, discrimination, or an unsafe work environment, or believe you are not getting paid the wages and hours you have worked, contact our skilled South Pasadena employment law attorneys at Romero Law to discuss your unique circumstances during a free consultation.

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At Romero Law, APC, our experienced South Pasadena employment law attorneys take a hands-on approach to pursuing actual results our clients can count on, because we are more than just their lawyer, but their advocate.

We connect with our clients to understand the grief and despair their employers have caused them personally and professionally, so we can remedy the unlawful and degrading mistreatment they have endured, so they can confidently move past this challenging time with a clear win.

Our bilingual law firm staff offers services in both English and Spanish and is available now to discuss your case during a free consultation by calling 626-396-9900 or contacting us online.

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