The importance of recognizing discriminatory patterns

Overt racial discrimination is illegal and has been for almost 60 years in the United States. Since the laws preventing it went on the books, it has declined tremendously. Companies used to be able to actively tell minorities not to...

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How do companies try to hide racial discrimination?

It’s clear from the law that racial discrimination is illegal in the United States. It’s almost astounding to think that there was a time when a company could outright refuse to hire someone of a specific race, but it did...

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Comments about your hair may be racial discrimination

Racial discrimination can take many forms at work. While some are blatant, most people know that specific comments or actions could land them in severe trouble. Therefore, much racial discrimination takes a more subtle form. It could be due to...

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What is a “protected class” in the California workplace?

Many people think that they have to put up with whatever their employers dish out at them. The fact is that California has robust laws that protect its workers — and they enforce them. Both federal and state laws define...

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Our top priority is fighting for California employees who have been wronged by discrimination

Employees are reporting mistreatment more often than ever while employers struggle to make their workplaces accessible, fair and friendly. Unfortunately, wrongs still happen. Workers continue to be mistreated in the workplace. As you can see, ending harassment and discrimination at work does...

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