What Should Employees Know About the State and Local Minimum Wage Rates Increase in California?

At Romero Law, APC, our experienced Pasadena wage and hour law attorneys know it may be challenging for employees to keep up with ever-changing California minimum wage requirements.

However, the complexities do not stop there. California workers should also know employers of every size must pay the local minimum wage if it is higher than the state minimum wage.

Here is what all California workers need to know about the minimum pay rate they are entitled to, and when they went into effect.

What is the Current Minimum Wage in California?

According to the California Department of Industrial Relations, effective January 1, 2022, the state minimum wage for employers with 25 or fewer employees increased to $14.

The state minimum wage for employers with 26 or more employees increased to $15 per hour.

Current California Legislation requires the minimum hourly wage to rise by $1 again in January 2023, for employers with less than 26 employees.

Employers in 30 cities or counties are already required to pay an hourly minimum wage ranging from $15 to more than $17 following their local government wage order or ordinance.

California City and County Current Minimum Wages

Many California localities have their own minimum wage ordinances which are higher than the state minimum wage.

According to the data provided by the UC Berkeley Labor Center, they are:

Locality Date Rate Small Employer
Alameda 07-01-2020 $15.00
Belmont 01-01-2022 $16.20
Berkeley 07-01-2021 $16.32
Burlingame 01-01-2022 $15.60
Cupertino 01-01-2022 $16.40
Daly City 01-01-2022 $15.53
East Palo Alto 01-01-2022 $15.60
El Cerrito 01-01-2022 $16.37
Emeryville 07-01-2021 $17.13
Fremont 07-01-2021 $15.25 $15.00
Half Moon Bay 01-01-2022 $15.56
Hayward 01-01-2022 $15.56 $14.52
Los Altos 01-01-2022 $16.40
Los Angeles 07-01-2021 $15.00
Los Angeles County (unincorporated) 07-01-2021 $15.00
Malibu 07-01-2021 $15.00
Menlo Park 01-01-2022 $15.75
Milpitas 07-01-2021 $15.65
Mountain View 01-01-2022 $17.10
Novato 01-01-2022 $15.53 $15.00
Oakland 01-01-2022 $15.06
Palo Alto 01-01-2022 $16.25
Pasadena 07-01-2021 $15.00
Petaluma 01-01-2022 $15.85
Redwood City 01-01-2022 $16.20
Richmond 01-01-2022 $15.54
San Carlos 01-01-2022 $15.77
San Diego 01-01-2022 $15.00
San Francisco 07-01-2021 $16.32
San Jose 01-01-2022 $16.20
San Leandro 07-01-2020 $15.00
San Mateo 01-01-2022 $16.20
Santa Clara 01-01-2022 $16.40
Santa Monica 07-01-2021 $15.00
Santa Rosa 01-01-2022 $15.85
Sonoma 01-01-2022 $16.00 $15.00
South San Francisco 01-01-2022 $15.80
Sunnyvale 01-01-2022 $17.10
West Hollywood 01-01-2022 $15.50 $15.00


*Small Employer is defined as employing 25 or fewer workers.

Employers must also ensure their minimum wage postings are updated appropriately to reflect state and local increases.

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