California Minimum Wage Increases for 2023

At Romero Law, our skilled Pasadena employment law attorneys know how important it is for employees to stay up to date with our local California wage requirements, so everyone knows their rights.

In July 2022, we discussed the Southern California minimum wage rate increases, and six months later, we are here to provide an update.

Effective January 1, 2023, California employers will be required to meet new minimum wage requirements, at both state and local levels. This time, the minimum wage requirements impact both non-exempt employees and the minimum annual salary requirements for overtime-exempt employees.

Here is what you need to know about pay increases heading into the new year.

The California Minimum Wage Requirement is Increasing and Consolidating

Currently, California employs a two-tiered minimum wage system where employers with 25 or more employees pay a higher minimum wage than those with fewer than 25 employees.

Beginning on January 1, 2023, all employers, regardless of size, must provide their employees with a minimum wage of not less than $15.50 per hour.

In addition, just as it was in July 2022, select California cities will raise the minimum wage for non-exempt employees working within city limits.

The following list contains the local minimum wage rate for non-exempt employees, effective January 1, 2023:

Jurisdiction                Minimum Wage Rate

Belmont                      $16.75/hour

Burlingame                  $16.47/hour

Cupertino                    $17.20/hour

Daly City                    $16.07/hour

East Palo Alto             $16.50/hour

El Cerrito                    $17.35/hour

Foster City                  $16.50/hour

Half Moon Bay           $16.45/hour

Hayward                     $16.34/hour (26 or more employees)

$15.50/hour (1-25 employees)

Los Altos                    $17.20/hour

Menlo Park                  $16.20/hour

Mountain View           $18.15/hour

Novato                        $16.32/hour (100 or more employees, including people employed outside the city)

$16.07/hour (26-99 employees)

$15.53/hour (1-25 employees)

Oakland                      $15.97/hour

Palo Alto                     $17.25/hour

Petaluma                     $17.06/hour

Redwood City             $17.00/hour

Richmond                   $16.17/hour

San Carlos                   $16.32/hour

San Diego                   $16.30/hour

South San Francisco   $16.70/hour

San Jose                      $17.00/hour

San Mateo                   $16.75/hour

Santa Clara                  $17.20/hour

Santa Rosa                  $17.06/hour

Sonoma                       $17.00/hour (26 or more employees, including those working outside the city)

$16.00/hour (1-25 employees)

Sunnyvale                   $17.95/hour

West Hollywood        $17.50/hour (50 or more employees)

$17/hour (1-49 employees)

In addition, overtime-exempt employees working in these cities are to be paid the California state minimum annual salary of $64,480.

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