California employees are protected from harassment

If you are an employee in California, you should be aware that California laws are some of the most protective in the country when it comes to employees. This means that you should feel confident and secure when standing up for your rights.

Even though California harassment laws are comprehensive, unfortunately, many workers in the state continue to fall victim to harassment. If you believe that you have been harassed as a worker in California, it is important that you, first of all, understand the legal definition of harassment so that you can see whether it correlates with your experience. If you then believe that it does correlate, you should start to plan further steps so that you can assert your rights.

What is the definition of workplace harassment in California?

Workplace harassment is defined legally as a situation in which an employee is subjected to unwelcome verbal or physical conduct based on any of the characteristics that are protected by the Fair Employment and Housing Act, such as race, sexual orientation or disability. Another definition is a situation in which unwelcome conduct is severe enough to create a hostile or abusive environment for the employee.

What factors are taken into consideration when assessing a case?

When you make a claim, several factors will be taken into account. The frequency and the severity of the treatment will be taken into account, and an assessment of how the conduct affected the employee’s psychological well-being as well as their work performance will be conducted.

What is an example of workplace harassment?

A typical example of workplace harassment could be a situation in which an employee is constantly asked by a coworker to go on a date, whether they find them attractive, and about their love life. This could make them feel severely uncomfortable and create a toxic work environment.

If you have been subjected to workplace harassment in California, it is important that you take action so that you can gain back the damages that you deserve.

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