Male Victims Of Sexual Harassment Are Often Overlooked

When many people think of sexual harassment, they think of females. They may not realize that males are often the victims of unwanted sexual behaviors. The #metoo movement has brought female victims to the forefront of the matter, but this doesn’t mean that men should be left out. 

There are major differences in how men and women handle sexual harassment. Women tend to think of it as bothersome behavior, but they aren’t particularly stressed about it. Men often think of sexual harassment as frightening or bothersome. They’re likely to feel distressed about it. 

Long-lasting effects are possible

It’s often said that women have probably built up a tolerance of sorts to sexual harassment. This doesn’t mean that they should have to accept those types of behaviors. In both men and women, there’s a chance that long-lasting effects will occur. 

Men often don’t know how to deal with sexual harassment, which might be why they find it so distressing. This can lead to them being unable to move past the behaviors, which can cause them to have challenges at work. It may also extend to their personal and social life, which can lead to even more stress that’s caused by the sexual harassment they had to endure. 

Anyone who’s sexually harassed at work should ensure that they take steps to make the behavior stop. In some cases, this will have to go beyond just filing a complaint with the company. Taking legal action comes with strict time limits, so be sure that you get this done quickly after the sexual harassment occurs. 

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