Complaint alleges rampant sexual harassment at Tesla

The Elon Musk empire and its many technological ventures have been the subject of scandal many times in the past. Now, a female worker at the Tesla factory in Northern California is describing the “fraternity” atmosphere many female employees must endure.

The woman recently filed a complaint against the Tesla company in an Alameda County court. The complaint contains a laundry list of illegal workplace behaviors against female employees.

What are the allegations?

According to the complaint, the culture of sexual harassment within the factory is pervasive. The woman described the following behaviors in her complaint:

  • Sexist conduct and language permeate the work environment daily.
  • Frequent groping occurs on the factory floor, often by managers.
  • Women must frequently endure crude comments and jokes about their body.
  • Female workers often receive sexual propositions even after they decline.

The complaint also claims that a co-worker once placed his hand between the victim’s legs.

The woman was so troubled by the conduct at Tesla that she had to see a doctor for recurring panic attacks and received a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) diagnosis. When her panic attacks resulted in a visit to a hospital emergency room, she says that a superior threatened to discipline her for abandoning her job.

No person, female or male, should ever have to work under conditions like those described in this complaint. The good news is, you do not have to stand by and allow such mistreatment to continue. Learning more about your legal options in the face of workplace sexual harassment can lead to a solution and possibly even financial restitution.

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