How to Spot the Warning Signs of Employment Retaliation in California

At Romero Law, our experienced employment law attorneys in Pasadena know that workplace retaliation is becoming increasingly common in California and across the nation. Whether it is Amazon drivers having their routes taken away for reporting safety issues with their trucks, or other employees facing significant retribution from their employers for speaking up about workplace hazards and unsafe conditions, employer retaliation is unlawful.

Unfortunately, because all California employers know — or should know — workplace retaliation is illegal, the signs of this unlawful behavior may be disguised as coincidentally timed circumstances mistaken as retribution.

So there is no confusion, here is how to identify the warning signs of employment retaliation.

Is There a Reason Your Employer Would Retaliate Against You?

Warning Signs of Employment Retaliation

Before a California employer can be accused of retaliatory behavior against an employee, there must be a reason for the adverse employment actions, abuse, or other form of retaliation.

They may include the employee:

Once there is a reason why your employer may retaliate against you, finding a legal remedy for their unlawful behavior requires establishing that the company’s behavior rises to the level of retribution. Here is how to identify important signs.

What are the Most Common Signs of California Workplace Retaliation?

Most California employers are intelligent enough to know that firing an employee for reporting a workplace violation will almost immediately result in a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Workplace retaliation occurs when employees are still employed after reporting unlawful circumstances or behaviors, followed by the employer taking an adverse employment action against you or treats you in a discriminatory manner, because you engaged in a protected activity.

The first sign of workplace retaliation is the timing of the adverse actions. If you filed a complaint against your employer, and are suddenly demoted, this may be a clear sign you are being retaliated against.

Other common signs of workplace retaliation may include, but are not limited to:

  • Assigned to Less Desirable Shifts.
  • Denied a Deserved Promotion.
  • Denied Access to Necessary Resources.
  • Exclusion from Opportunities.
  • Hostile Behavior from Management or Colleagues.
  • Increased Scrutiny.
  • Negative Comments or Remarks.
  • Shift in Performance Evaluations.
  • Sudden Policy Changes.
  • Unreasonable Workload or Unfair Treatment.

Another unlawful activity is the act of an employer making working conditions so intolerable that an employee has no choice but to resign. This is identified as wrongful constructive termination and may be grounds for an employment law claim against your employer.

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