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Is It Discrimination If My California Employer Keeps Asking About My Pregnancy-Related Conditions?

At Romero Law, APC, our experienced employment law attorneys know the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) prohibits discrimination against employees based on pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions. There are typically three critical elements to establishing a pregnancy discrimination claim,...

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New Bill Shifts the Burden of Proof to California Employers in Retaliation Cases

At Romero Law, our trusted employment law attorneys in California work tirelessly to protect our clients from workplace retaliation. It is never fair for someone to report wrongdoing in the workplace only to be punished by their employer for their bravery. Senate...

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New Bill Cites California Employee Workplace Sexual Assault, Harassment, or Discrimination Claims as Privileged Communication

At Romero Law, our trusted employment law attorneys in California want all workers to understand their current rights and when new protections are put in place so they can hold their employers liable for any violations. One of the latest changes to...

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How Can an Employee Handbook Protect Your California Employment Rights?

At Romero Law, APC,  our trusted employment law attorneys in Pasadena know that California employers are not required to provide employee handbooks. However, employee handbooks are considered best practice for several reasons, including primary communication of required employee notices. They are the most...

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Whistleblowing and Retaliation: Legal Protections and Challenges

At Romero Law, our trusted employment law attorneys in Pasadena know that all California whistleblowers have significant federal and state rights that can help protect them and their jobs. If you had the courage to speak out against illegal, immoral, unsafe, or fraudulent...

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Can Bystander Intervention Help Build My Workplace Discrimination/Harassment Case?

At Romero Law, our experienced employment law attorneys in Pasadena know that employment harassment and discrimination are rampant in workplaces throughout California. While no employee should be subjected to these unlawful actions, most employees who are directly impacted — or witness the behavior —...

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