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Is it Illegal for My California Employer to Withhold Overtime Pay?

At Romero Law, APC, our experienced employment law attorneys in Pasadena know that all California employers are required to pay non-exempt workers overtime wages when they work overtime. If you believe you are entitled to overtime pay but are being asked to work...

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What meal breaks are required in California?

Employers can’t expect employees to work full time without having adequate meal breaks. The law sets very specific standards for what workers are entitled to. Knowing your rights is imperative so you can ensure you’re getting what’s due to you....

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Can your employer tell you to come in late to avoid overtime?

You know that you are entitled to overtime pay when you work more than 40 hours a week. When your boss asks you to work for five extra hours one week, you’re already mentally spending that money. As such, you’re...

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How serious of an issue is wage theft by employers?

Companies often act like their employees don’t deserve trust. Big companies sometimes have incredibly complex and prohibitive contracts that regulate everything from a worker’s personal hygiene to their social media activity. Companies may also warn that taking more than five...

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Can a company pay you as a contractor but treat you as an employee?

Businesses constantly seek to maximize their profits while minimizing their expenses. At many organizations, the biggest ongoing costs stem from staffing liabilities. Employees come with many financial obligations. Companies have to pay for workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance. They have...

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Know Your Right To Rest Periods In California

California state laws provide many protections for employees. The only way that employees can ensure they’re getting what they’re due is to understand what the law says about their employment. One of the things that California provides workers that some...

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