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The Los Angeles Fair Work Week Ordinance Begins April 1, 2023

Last winter, our California employment law attorneys at Romero Law discussed how the Los Angeles City Council unanimously passed the Fair Work Week Ordinance, which imposes significant legal requirements on retail employers throughout the city. Fast forward to Spring, and the ordinance...

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U.S. Federal Court Rules Paid Time Off is Not Part of Workers’ Salary

At the Romero Law Firm, our experienced Pasadena employment law attorneys know that wage and hour violations can occur in any California industry. When they do, our law firm tirelessly represents our clients to ensure their rights are protected and enforced from the start...

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What Happens During a California Employment Discrimination Lawsuit?

Our experienced Pasadena employment law attorneys at Romero Law want all California employees to know that if they are part of a protected class and are being discriminated against at work, they may be eligible to file a legal claim for damages against...

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California Employment Rights Notices & Pamphlets are Updating January 1, 2023

Our dedicated Pasadena employment law attorneys at Romero Law know that California employers are required to post certain notices throughout the workplace, so they are visible and/or reviewable by ALL employees — even full-time, remote workers. In some cases, employers...

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New Employment Laws Every California Employee Should Know

Our experienced employment law attorneys in Pasadena at Romero Law know that each year, California legislatures propose and enact new laws that help protect workers’ rights throughout the state. Beginning January 1, 2023, and 2024, several new employment laws that impact California employees...

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Governor Newsom Signs Fast Food Worker Measure in California

At Romero Law, our skilled Pasadena employment law attorneys keep a sharp eye on new legislation that impacts our California workforce, so we can continue to protect their rights from every angle. Over Labor Day, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a nation-leading measure that...

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