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3 common factors in a hostile working environment

The workplace can be demanding at the best of times. Often, employees are expected to work to high standards as well as meeting tight deadlines. However, certain conditions can make a working environment hostile. These are unrelated to the typical...

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Is harassment a problem in your workplace?

Harassment issues in the workplace aren’t limited to sexual harassment. Harassment can be sexual or nonsexual. It may include other forms of discrimination, such as harassing someone due to their age or disability. It is unfair for workers to have...

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Sexual Harassment And In-Home Health Care Workers

The home health care industry is vitally important to people who are recovering from medical procedures, have certain medical conditions or want to “age in place.” The workers in this industry take a risk each time they visit a patient’s...

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How serious of an issue is wage theft by employers?

Companies often act like their employees don’t deserve trust. Big companies sometimes have incredibly complex and prohibitive contracts that regulate everything from a worker’s personal hygiene to their social media activity. Companies may also warn that taking more than five...

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